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Welcome and Gifted Blessings and happy independence day to all Jamaicans. August 6th only comes once a year so let make it a celebration to remember in true digital style.

We know that Black community continues to be impacted the hardest as a result of the COVID pandemic, but today we’d just like to say in digital safety  “Jamaican Gifted Lives Matter too!“.

What is The Digital Palace?

Digital Palace is situated in Digital Avenue and is the largest and most prestigious digital venue in the world. It uses the most advanced state-of-the-art technology to deliver a near real interactive, online digital experience. The Digital Palace has unlimited online capacity to deliver Exhibitions, Expo’s, Events, Fairs, Training and Conferences.

Jamaican Independence is a momentous time for Jamaican’s and friends to celebrate and enjoy the achievements of the islands history. J.A. boasts some of the most famous historians, sport-persons, musicians around not to mention the beautiful beaches, food and atmosphere anywhere in the world. Their motto “out of many one people” is now being adopted by the Black Gifted Network to inspire and uplift the Black Community to declare “out of many one community“.

Special thanks to our young and gifted teenage ambassadors that have put together this community event whilst we prepare for the full digital experience on Carnival Bank Holiday Weekend through to BLACKGIFTED Bank Holiday Monday. A sneak preview of some of the additional festivities you can enjoy on the Bank Holiday show in addition to a carnival experience are:

Out of Many One Black Community!

Gifted Blessings

It may not be the same as eating, drinking & dancing in Crystal Palace park but we have put together some free activities that will enable you to celebrate wherever you are. So don’t fret bout de corona or you J.A. outfit. Light you lighter ah you yard and blow your whistle because covid-19 might lock we down but can’t stop wi from being proud Jamaicans, least of all on Independence day! Click here for fun exhibits


BGN a launching a series of community focused initiatives to help network, inspire and uplift the Black community. These initiatives will implement a number of business that connect community members delivery core community services. We currently operate mainly through volunteers on a not-for-profit basis  so that funds and profits raised are re-invested in the Black Community.

Our objectives will be cascaded to you through a series of campaigns on social media, YouTube as well as a number of petitions to the government for the more urgent matters to be resolved. Please consider supporting our campaigns which are designed to get more justice and support for the entire black community. Remember “Out of Many – One Black Community”, and in the words of Uncle Bob “One Love!“.

The following BGN businesses will be launched over the coming months to facilitate the initiatives we have identified that will deliver the maximum benefit to our community in the shortest time-frame. We welcome your support, ideas, volunteers etc, to fully develop the strategy for the BGN network thereafter. We have founded the network on behalf of the Black Community with all profits re-invested in the Black Community, collectively we all are the Black Gifted Network and right now your community needs you on-board.

  • BGN Training ( – Q42020
  • BGN Employment & Recruitment (, – piloting Aug, 2020
  • BGN Mentoring ( –  piloting Sep, 2020
  • BGN Fund Raising( –  piloting Sep, 2020
  • BGN Talent & Business Promotions ( – Live Aug, 29th
  • Black Gifted Brand – Merchandise ( – piloting Aug, 2020
  • BGN Digital Marketing ( Aug, 2020
  • BGN Ambassadors & Digital Accreditation – Live
  • BGN Campaigns – Live on You-tube
  • BGN Trade & Services  – ( – piloting Sep, 2020

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