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An outline of our brand new Digital Platform and complex is summarised below, together with a personal invitation for you to join us on this amazing digital journey with the Black Community. We are also finalising plans to offer a Modern Digital Marketing Agency to complement the business promotional service that we already provide. Our aim is to help businesses devise a digital e-commerce strategy as well as the production of  intros, outro’s and a full set of interactive and engaging exhibits designed to best promote your products & services. Your exhibits are then enhanced and adapted to display at are Exhibitions, Expo’s and entertainment Events providing new sales or lead opportunities, brand recognition and exposure.

End-to-End Digital Marketing & Promotions Agency

Our Digital Marketing, promotional services and digital platform are offered to all to enjoy based on our  “Out of Many – One Black Community” philosophy.”.

So remember “You’re too BLACKGIFTED to miss out!”

We  provide an end-to-end business and talent promotion service that starts with you registering on our site as an “Exhibitor“. Visitors to our site will be able to view you via the usual categorised searches. However, we also present your exhibits and promos using a variety of digital artefacts for both business and enjoyment all of which get you more exposure, engagement & sales. We now have a fully equipped digital platform and we will be partnering with a number of event organisers to  host Exhibitions, Expos and a variety of Events in digital interactive (2D, 3D & 4D) format. So hurry and sign up now and remember  “You’re t0o BLACKGIFTED to miss out!”.

Event Organisers

Our modern fully adaptable digital platform provides both an alternative and additional way for you to deliver your event to your audience. Digital technology provides offers:

  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Fully accessible ( Mobile, Tablets, Desktop and Laptops)
  • Mobile Event App
  • Lifelike Avatars
  • Instant Messaging
  • Additional Revenue
  • Simultaneous or Post Event Digital Screening

Just remember you’re too BLACKGIFTED fe miss out!

Gifted Blessings

Yes “The Show Must Go On“, so the Black Gifted Network are determined to put on the best digital carnival alternative for our community. We’re inviting Steel Bands, Floats, DJ’s Artists, Musicians that would normally be performing in the Carnival to send us your Videos, Posters, Photos, Brochures etc and we will feature them totally FREE of charge in our Bank Holiday Digital Launch Event at the Digital Palace Complex in Digital Avenue. Do hurry as very limited time & slots are left so act fast and spread the word, All email enquiries to: or or click the links below for further information.

  • Carnival Floats – Promoted FREE!
  • Steel Bands – Promoted – FREE!
  • DJ’s Promoted FREE!
  • Musicians & Artists Promoted – FREE!
  • Other Vendors please see our corona subsidised rates in the attached info pack

But remember You’re too BLACKGIFTED to miss out!

Our 2D, 3D & 4D digital offerings will continue to provide some amazing user interactive experiences which in turn presents  ideal opportunities for you to parade your products and services to the Black Community and beyond. However the next phase of our digital platform will totally revolutionise shopping as we know it today! We know that the high street is in rapid decline and the time is right to embrace digital alternatives because Digital is the New Reality. So listen out for our official announcement coming soon and remember “You’re too BLACKGIFTED to miss out!”

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You’re too BLACKGIFTED to miss out!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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